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About Juene


Juene wants to accompany every woman in every journey of her life. Juene believes that every woman has her own way to achieve her success in whatever they're doing, whatever the profession or the journey in her life. Juene wants to create something beautiful that can represent every woman's beautiful story. To create a masterpiece is always become our commitment.


Juene will always focus on the latest designs. Juene will always pursue the best quality in every masterpiece. With 7k Certified Reall Gold, life-time buyback guarantee, and life-time service guarantee. For the best quality, only for the satisfaction of our customer


Simple, Fancy, Bold design. Choose your way to shine
Timeless design. Creation that will always stunning for time to time
The best quality. We make it great in affordable price
Strong Appreciation to Detail. Detail is everything in our masterpiece

In accordance with the depiction of beauty and self-confidence
of Indonesian women

Juene Jewelry is designed with high dedication to appreciate every woman's story and her achievements. We believe, every woman deserves that appreciation with a piece of jewelry. Therefore, we focus on every selection of the quality of the materials used, the design details are made with great respect for beauty for a valuable appreciation, very affordable prices supported by the strong durability of the jewelry it self.